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John Calvi's Partial & Incomplete 2018 Calendar – thus far

Date Engagement
January 6 2018 Orange Grove Meeting workshops Pasadena CA
January 13 2018 Orange County Meeting workshops Irvine CA
January 21 2018 Central Coast Meeting San Luis Obispo CA
January 26-28 2018 University Friends Meeting workshops Seattle WA
February 3 2018 Santa Cruz Friends Meeting workshops Santa Cruz CA
February 11 2018 Santa Fe Friends Meeting speaking of my work Santa Fe NM
February 16-18 2018 Mountain View Friends Meeting workshops Denver CO
February 24 2018 Boulder Friends Meeting workshops Boulder CO
March 31 2018 Framingham Friends Meeting workshop Framingham MA
April 21 2018 Westport Friends Meeting NEYM Min & Counsel Westport MA
May 18-20 2018 Pendle Hill Goodness workshop Wallingford PA
July 1-7 2018 Friends General Conference Summer Gathering Toledo U, Toledo OH
July 19-22 2018 Vermont People with AIDS Coalition workshops Springfield VT
August 4-8 2018 New England Yearly Meeting workshops Castleton VT
October 5-7 2018 Powell House workshop Old Chatham NY
May 30-June 2 2019 Great Plains Yearly Meeting Keynote Univ Friends Mtghse Witchita KS
"The Dance Between Hope & Fear" is available from - and Amazon
"How Far Have You Traveled?" will be available next year from and Amazon

On the Radio
Here's a radio interview I did on healing and torture. Listen free or purchase CD

John Calvi on YouTube
Undoing the Damage Done by Violence- QuakerSpeak 4:19 min Oct 2014

John Calvi - QUIT Update at Friends House in Santa Rosa, California 56 min Sept 2009
The Ones Who Aren't Here- John Calvi Performed by Meg Christian 4:10 min Nov 2008
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John Calvi's complete 2017 Calendar

Date Engagement
March 24-26 2017 Powell House Rest & Restoration – Massage, Energy Work Old Chatham NY
April 4-5 2017 Kenyon College healing workshops – Staff, students Gambier OH
May 26-28 2017 Pendle Hill annual workshop on healing, goodness, QUIT Update Wallingford PA
July 2-8 2017 Friends General Conference workshops, QUIT Update Niagra Univ Niagra NY
August 5-10 2017  New England Yearly Meeting workshop Castleton VT
Sept 29-Oct 1 2017 Scarsdale Meeting Retreat facilitator Powell House Old Chatham NY
November 10-12 2017 Flagstaff Meeting – Workshop, Book Reading Flagstaff AZ
November 13-17 2017 Pima Meeting, writing retreat Tucson AZ
December 2017 Writing retreat to begin Book #3 California


John Calvi's Completed 2015 Calendar

Date Engagement
February 14 New England Yearly Meeting Young Friends – high school retreat. Good Touch, Respect in Our Hands, Safety workshop Wellesley, MA
March 2 Community College of VT – Gay Intercultural Communications lecture Brattleboro VT
March 26 – 27 Toronto Friends Meeting – QUIT! Update, Workshops Avoiding Burnout, Deep Relaxation for Deeper Seeking Toronto Ontario
April 17 Guilford College QUIT! Update with Quaker Leadership Scholars Program Greensboro NC
April 18 –19 Durham Friends Meeting Energy Work for Tortured Refugees Durham NC
April 22 –27 Shaping my Second book with editor extraordinaire Shelly Angel Richardson TX
Release expected late Spring/early Summer.
May 9 Wellesley Friends Meetnig - healing retreat massage and energy work Wellesley MA
May 29-31 Pendle Hill Deep Rest, Deep Stillness – Wallingford, PA Weekend workshop - massage, energy work, meditation, major napping
July 5-11 Friends General Conference Gathering W Carolina Univ Callowhee NC Weeklong morning workshop of massage, energy work, meditation
July 17 Vermont People with AIDS Coalition – retreat, workshops Stowe VT
August 1 – 6 New England Yearly Meeting workshops Castleston, VT
October 23-25 Powell House Weekend workshop of restoration of calm & rest Old Chatham NY
Weekend workshop of massage, energy work, meditation
Nov 13 - 15 Richmond Friends Meeting Retreat Richmond VA


John Calvi's Completed Calendar 2014

Date Engagement
March 14 - 15 Powell House Rest, Release, Repair, Restore Old Chatham NY weekend workshop massage, energy work, rest, cleans
April 17 - 20 South Central Yearly Meeting - Workshops and Book Reading Bruceville TX
April 22 - 29 Second book work week with my editor Shelly Angel Richardson TX
May 2 - 4 Atlanta Friends Meeting- QUIT Update, Meeting Retreat - Deep Relaxation for Deeper Spiritual Seeking, Book Reading and signing Atlanta GA
May 30-June 1 Pendle Hill GOODNESS Workshop Wallingford PA weekend workshop of massage, rest, and gathering as sense of goodness
June 29 – July 5 Friends General Conference Abandon All Weariness California PA 5 mornings of massage, energy work, meditationfor deep rest and healing
August 2 – 7 England Yearly Meeting workshops Castleton VT three days of workshops – massage, energy work, avoiding burnout
November 19 Taft Institute Annual Seminar for Teachers American History Queens College Flushing NY
Nov 21 –23 Petersburg Friends Meeting - QUIT Update, workshop on healing, individual sessions St Petersburg FL


John Calvi's Completed Calendar 2013

Date Engagement
Feb 27-Mar 7 Final Edits with Editor  Richardson TX The Dance between Hope & Fear
March 9 Friends in Need Atlanta GA
March 10 Friends in Need Candler NC
March 11 Friends in Need Winston-Salem NC
April 20 Friends in need Williston VT
May 14 – 18 Final Edits with Readers Provincetown MA
May 31 Friends in need Brookhaven PA
May 31 – June 1 Pendle Hill Weekend Workshop, Mon Lecture Wallingford PA
June 2 Friends in need Newtown PA
June 18 – 21 Albuquerque Friends Meeting Healing w/Friends Albuquerque NM
June 22 Santa Fe Friends Meeting QUIT Update, Goodness Workshop Santa Fe NM
June 30 – July 6 Friends General Conference workshop, book release Greeley CO
July 7 Boulder Friends Meeting Ministry Among Friends Boulder CO
July 26 Vermont People with AIDS Coalition workshops Stowe VT
August 5 – 7 Workshops, book release & reading Smithfield RI
August 16 Friends in need Williston VT
September 18 Friends in need Putney VT
October 14 QUIT Update OLLI Lectures Dummerston VT
Dec 7 New England YM Jr Hi Retreat GOOD TOUCH Woolman Hill Deerfield MA    


2012 Schedule (Completed)

Date Engagement
February 4 Quaker Studies Goodness Wellesley Mtg Wellesley, MA
April 29 Doylestown Friends Meeting QUIT Update Doylestown, PA
May 18-20 Pendle Hill Goodness workshop Wallingford PA
July 13 VT People w/Aids Coalition workshops stress reduction Stowe, VT
August 4-9 New England Yearly Meeting workshops Smithfield, RI
August 13-18 Pacific Yearly Meeting Plenary Walker Ranch Petaluma, CA
August 21-23 Dragonfly Transitions workshops Klamath Falls, OR
October 2 Taft Institute Annual Seminar for Teachers American Torture Queens College Flushing NY - QUIT for High School Teachers
October 15-19 Dragonfly Transitions workshops Klamath Falls, OR
October 24 Dominican University Gender Studies San Raphel, CA
October 25 Grass Valley Friends Mtg & Woolman Semester School Grass Valley CA
October 26-28 Quaker Center Healing workshop Ben Lomond, CA
November 9-10 Stony Run Friends Mtg QUIT Update Fri, Goodness wkshp Sat Baltimore, MD
November 11 Homewood Friends Mtg QUIT Update Sun 9 AM Baltimore, MD
November 16-18 Powell House Healing Hands Healing Self Old Chatham, NY


2011 Schedule (Completed)

Date Engagement
February 1-2 Senate Meetings with Quaker Initiative to End Torture- QUIT Washington DC
March 11-13 Powell House Peace Within, Goodness Throughout weekend workshop Old Chatham, NY
March 20 New Orleans Friends Meeting QUIT New Orleans, LA
April 1-3 Guilford College Spirituality & Sexuality, QUIT Update, Greensboro, NC
April 3-4 Durham Friends Meeting Goodness workshop & Sessions Durham, NC
April 4-5 Raleigh Friends Meeting Goodness workshop & Sessions Raleigh, NC
May 6-8 Pendle Hill Washed in the Light by Tender Hands weekend Wallingford, PA
July 3-9 Friends General Conference Evening Plenary American Torture Grinnell, IA
July 15 Vermont People with AIDS Coalition Retreat, workshops Stowe, VT
August 6-11 New England Yearly Meeting workshops, journal readings Smithfield, RI
Oct 7-9 St Louis Friends Meetings workshops, QUIT Update St Louis, MO
Oct 18 Queens College Social Studies Teachers Seminar- American Torture New York, NY
Oct 31-Nov 1 Dragonfly Transitions workshops Klamath Falls, OR
November 4-6 Quaker Center The Goodness workshop Ben Lomond, CA


2010 Schedule (Completed)

Date Engagement
March 13

Quaker Initiative to End Torture & Healing Energy Work Meeting School Rindge NH

April 17-19 Lake Forest Friends Meeting Retreat Lake Forest IL
June 20-24 Pendle Hill Washed in Light by Tender Hands Wallingford PA
July 4-10 Friends General Conference Abandon All Weariness Bowling Green OH
July 16 People with AIDS Coalition Deep Relaxation Stowe VT
July 18-24 New York Yearly Meeting QUIT Plenary w/QUNO Silver Lake NY
August 8-12 New England Yearly Meeting workshops QUIT Update Smithfield, RI
September 18 Missoula Meeting QUIT Update, Goodness & Healing workshops Missoula, MT
September 20-22 Dragonfly Transitions workshops Klamath Falls OR
September 24-26 Quaker Initiative to End Torture 4th National Conference Quaker Ctr
October 3 Pima Meeting Goodness workshop QUIT Update Tucson AZ
October 7 Santa Fe Meeting QUIT Update, Goodness talk Santa Fe NM
October 9 Albuquerque Meeting Healing workshop QUIT Update Albuquerque NM
October 23 Burlington Friends Meeting Talk on Torture & Healing Burlington VT Web link
November 16 Taft Institute Annual Seminar for Teachers American Torture Queens College Flushing NY
November 18 QUIT Steering Committee Future Planning Old Chatham NY
Nov 19-21 Quaker Initiative to End Torture Conference Old Chatham NY


2009 Schedule (Completed)

Date Engagement
March 12-13 Quaker Initiative to End Torture- QUIT Planning Mtgs Penn House Wash, DC
March 28 Mountain View Meeting of Quakers- On The Light Within Denver, CO
March 29 Colorado Regional Spring Gathering of Quakers- talk on Spiritual Deepening Denver, CO
April 24-26 Woolman Hill Abandon All Weariness Deerfield, MA
May 30 Pendle Hill Lay Down the Burden and Rest Wallingford, PA
June 14 Putney Friends Meeting Quaker Initiative to End Torture Update Noon Putney, VT
June 15 CONTACT International Peacemakers Avoiding Burnout School for International Training Brattleboro, VT
June 27-July 4 Friends General Conference Workshops Blacksburg VA
July 15-19 North Pacific Yearly Meeting  Keynote & Friend in Residence Missoula, MT
August 3-5 New England Yearly Meeting workshops Smithfield RI
August 9 North Sandwich Friends Meeting Quaker Initiative to End Torture Update N Sandwich, NH
September 18 Friends House QUIT Update Santa Rosa, CA
September 19-20 Redwood Forest Mtg QUIT Update, Mtg Retreat, Mtg for Healing Santa Rosa, CA
September 25-27

Quaker Ctr Restoration/Preparation/Light Ben Lomond, CA

Sep 30 -Oct 2 Multnomah & Bridge Ctiy Mtg Energy Work, QUIT, Mtg for Healing Portland, OR
October 1 West Hill Friends Church QUIT Update Portland, OR
October 3-4 Willamette Quarterly Mtg Plenary Speaker, QUIT Update, Healing Mt Hood, OR
October 6-7 Dragonfly Transitions Students Healing Klamath Falls, OR
October 7 Klamath Falls Friends Church QUIT Update Klamath Falls, OR
November 6-8 2009 Powell House The Body as Temple Old Chatham, NY
November 14 Wellness Works workshops Glendale, CA
November 14 Santa Monica Mtg On Healing off site Santa Monica, CA
November 15 Claremont Meeting QUIT Update Claremont, CA


2008 -SABBATICAL- 2008

2007 Schedule

Date Engagement
Jaunary 14 Putney Friends Meeting The Quaker Initiative to End Torture QUIT Update Putney, VT
February 2-4 Eugene Friends Meeting Annual Winter Retreat, Eugene, OR
February 5  Klamath Falls Friends Church QUIT Update  Klamath Falls, OR
March 5-9 Pendle Hill Rest the Body, Live in the Light  800/742-3150 Wallingford, PA
March 15 Friends World Committee for Consultation QUIT update annual meeting Providence, RI
March 21-23 University Friends Meeting  Healing Circle & Friends in Need   Seattle, WA
March 30- April 1  St Louis Friends Meeting ? Bringing Light to Pain & QUIT Update  ST Louis, MO
April 27-29 Canadian QUIT Torture Conference Ottawa Friends Meeting Ottawa, ONT
June 1-3 The Quaker Initiative to End Torture QUIT 2nd Conference Greensboro, NC
June 11 CONTACT: Conflict Transformation Across Cultures, School for International Training  Brattleboro, VT
June 17 15th St Meetinghouse The Quaker Initiative to End Torture New York, NY
June 30- July 7 Friends General Conference, Abandon All Weariness Workshop, QUIT Update, River Falls, WI
July 12-15 VT People with AIDS Annual Retreat- workshops & moderator, Stowe, VT
September 28-30 Missouri Valley Friends Conference,  Healing Among Friends, Camp Chihowa Lawrence,  KS
October 12-13 Quaker Hill Conf & Retreat Center Midwest Healers Group 765/939-4970 Richmond IN
November 2-4 Powell House  Deeply Relax- massage & energy work Old Chatham, NY
November 16-18 Abandon All Weariness, Quaker Center  Ben Lomond, CA

2006 Completed Calendar

February 22-24 Guilford College, "Sexuality & the Sacred," Quaker Leadership Scholars Program, Greensboro, NC

February 24-26 2006 QUIT planning June Conference, Guilford College, Greensboro, NC

March 5 Kendal Monthly Meeting- QUIT conference update, Kennett Square, PA

March 6-9 Pendle Hill, Restoration- deep relaxation, Wallingford, PA

March 14 Hanover Friends Meeting, QUIT Update, Hanover, NH

April 2 Morningside Friends Meeting, QUIT Update, Riverside Church, New York, NY

April 4 San Francisco Friends Meeting, QUIT Update, San Francisco, CA

April 13-16 University Meeting, workshops/meetings, Seattle, WA

April 28-30 Olney Friends School- Quaker Spirituality, Barnesville, OH

May 19-21 Farmington/Scipio Friends Retreat Long Point Camp Watkins Glenn, NY

June 2-4 Quit Conference Guilford College, Greensboro, NC

June 11 QUIT Conference update at The School for International Training, Brattleboro, VT

July 1-7 Friends General Conference, Puget Sound, WA

July 13-16 Vermount People with AIDS Coalition, annual retreat moderator, Stowe, VT

July 26 New York Yearly Meeting, QUIT Update, Silver Bay, NY

August 2-6 Baltimore Yearly Meeting- meetings for healing grief Harrisonburg VA

August 7-10 New England Yearly Meeting workshop, QUIT, Smithfield, RI

September 8-10 Vassalboro Quarterly Meeting Fall Gathering Friends Camp, S. China, ME

September 23 Officiating: Peter & Suzanne‘―s Wedding, Solar Hill Brattleboro, VT

October 13-15 ST Louis Friends Meeting, meeting retreat ST Louis, MO

October 20-22 Powell House, with Chuck Fager, QUIT, Old Chatham, NY

November 3-5 Deeply Relax, Deeper Spiritual Connection, Powell House, Old
Chatham, NY

November 17-19 Quaker Center, Goodness, Ben Lomand, CA


John Calvi
PO Box 301 Putney VT 05346