Elizabeth Watson, Quaker Feminist Theologian/author, and John Calvi teach together in 2002. Photo: Betty Firth.


When John began his work. Photo: Margaret Haggerty.


John Calvi begins energy work on a person with AIDS at Brooklyn Friends Meetinghouse. Photo: Ed Druck

Face Massage, Kirkridge



John Calvi and participant, Mexico City. Photo: Marshall Brewer, 1993


Keynote Intermountain yearly meeting, 2005


John Calvi and client, Colorado. Photo: Margaret Haggerty, 1984

Laughing with Rebecca at IMYM, 2005


John Calvi Portrait - Black & White

John Calvi (left) and Marshall Brewer of Putney, Vermont. Photo: John Meyer, 1988


Keynote Intermountain yearly meeting, 2005

John teaching at Friends General Conference July 2007 Riverfalls, WI.


Teaching energy work, Powell House



Claire Simon & John at The 1st Quaker Initiative to End Torture conference June 2006.

This quilt was made by Denny Webster of Boulder Meeting in CO featuring meeting members in 2006.s




Packing for another trip


Our home in Putney, VT



John and Mashall, 2005

John and Mashall, 2005



John on sabbatical 2008

John on sabbatical 2008

CalviFGC90-B Tinker

John gives the closing plenary at Friends General Conference July 1990.



John gives the keynote at South Eastern Yearly Meeting in Florida 1992.



John at North Pacific Yearly Meeting in Montana July 2009.



John teaches dulcimer 1975 Killooleet summer camp VT.


John gives the keynote to Friends for Lesbian & Gay Concerns Ghost Ranch New Mexico February 2004



John & Marshall are married August 26, 1989.



John as Montessori teacher 1978 Greenwich CT.


July 2011

John speaks on Healing America at Friends General Conference July 2011

John Calvi
PO Box 301 Putney VT 05346