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Living On Gifts- In order to help to people without resources, I began living on gifts and donations in 1984. This was not an easy choice. Today, about half my work is unpaid. Living mainly on gifts and donations is a spiritual practice, a mix of faith, suspense, and a trust that others will keep this spiritual gift active. Your generosity will help me make my rounds again this year. I hope you will continue your trust in my work as I continue faithfulness to my gift. Thank you for two and a half decades of support. I am very grateful. With your help, I'll keep this work moving into another 25 years!

My booklet, "The Dance Between Hope and Fear”, a transcription of a 1992 speech is available from the Pendle Hill bookstore (800/742-3150 ext 2), and the Friends General Conference bookstore (800/966-4556).

I am at work on a much larger book of several speeches that I hope will be available in the near future.

John Calvi
PO Box 301 Putney VT 05346