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John Calvi
biographical information

1) Certified Massage Therapist specializing in trauma.

2) Quaker Healer with a gift for releasing physical & emotional pain.

3) Began working in the AIDS epidemic giving massage in 1983.

4) Recognized by his Quaker Meeting as having a genuine ministry in the Quaker tradition, he was a Released Friend for fifteen years.

5) Has worked with many different kinds of people including tortured refugees, people with AIDS, sexual abuse survivors, inmates, war veterans, ritual abuse survivors, among others.

6) Averages 24 trips working with about 2,000 people each year.

7) Has taught throughout the U.S. & Canada. Also in Mexico and Costa Rica.

8) Teaches in settings as diverse as prisons, hospitals, non-profit organizations providing crisis services, and religious conferences.

9) Lives with his husband of many years, Marshall Brewer, in Putney, Vermont.

10) He teaches many things-
• disciplines for making compassion pragmatic and avoiding burnout for caregivers.
• massage and energy work for trauma, deep relaxation.
• the experience of trauma & the nature of healing from it.
• the dance between hope and fear in healing life's wounds.
• spiritual disciplines for the tasks of healing.
• the uses of reverence and humor amidst great pain.

11) His song, "The Ones Who Aren't Here," was first recorded by Meg Christian at Carnegie Hall in 1982 and is often heard at Gay memorials and weddings.

12) He was founder and convener of The Quaker Initiative to End Tourture from May 2005 - June 2007.

John Calvi
PO Box 301 Putney VT 05346